SimplyPamarie or Pamela… that’s me! I’m a girl that loves adventure, food, traveling, sightseeing, attending events and enjoying my life. I’m sure that’s something everyone loves to do but not everyone know’s where to go or what restaurant to try. So that is what triggered me to create my blog. For all of you who have asked me about my whereabouts or asked me what restaurant to go to for this type of food or were looking to do something fun on the weekend, this blog is for you! I will let you know what’s happening, where it’s happening and how much it costs. I will also post great deals so you don’t have to spend a lot of money enjoying yourself. Most importantly, I need your feedback. I want your questions, your suggestions, your opinions on what I’ve suggested and  what else it is that you want me to be aware of. Got it? Ok good….now let’s have some fun!

Instagram: @simplypamarie

Twitter: @simplypamarie

Snapchat: simplypamarie

Email: simplypamarie@gmail.com

Hashtag: #simplypamarie

 Money Shot 4

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello I’m trying Impress a female. im really trying to wow her. what’s the best place you recommend also somewhere that’s not going to hurt my pockets?

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