My 5 #WCW’s!

This Wednesday I’m feeling especially inspired. Maybe because International Women’s Day just passed on March 8th or maybe because it’s Women’s History Month. On top of those special celebrations, it is also Woman Crush Wednesday better known by the social media world as #WCW. They also have a new spin on it with the hashtag #WIW or Woman Inspiration Wednesday. So in support of these holidays, I’ve decided to share some of the women that truly inspire me. These women inspire me to continue on my path to greatness, they provide me with ideas on ways to improve my blog and brand, and they encourage me to stay focused and they represent the woman that is beautiful and intelligent.

1. Sharae

I know I’ve shared this before but my sister really is my biggest inspiration. It’s actually a beautiful thing that as my younger sister, she inspires me to always be the best me I can be. She always encourages me to go after what it is that I want and not let life negatively effect me. You honestly wouldn’t even be reading a blog if it wasn’t for her. So thank you Sharae!

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2. Shiona Turini

Don’t laugh but I saw Shiona last year while I was volunteering for Fashion Week and something about her presence made me want to find out who she was so I snapped a picture of her and sent it to my best friend. My best friend who I also call “Snapple Facts” tells me she was at that time the Fashion Market Director of Cosmopolitan. I instantly knew that she was the kind of woman that I would look up to because she is so fashionable and respectable. She has since decided to pursue her own ventures, and I wish her the best of luck!

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 Photo via @shionat

3. Karen Civil

I consider Karen Civil the young Oprah. She inspires us woman to be driven, smart and well rounded. She’s also an entrepreneur, something I aspire to be, and she travels around the world inspiring others. I mean there’s not much more to say besides, “she’s it!”

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4. Shirley B. Eniang

Shirley is one of the leaders in the Style and Beauty blogging/vlogging world. I came across her instagram page on one of my random instagram scrolling sessions and I thought wow her aesthetic is very impressive. Her photos are awesome, her presentation is perfection, her following is phenomenal and she’s beautiful. Not to mention she has a cool London accent. But yea she’s definitely a true leader in the blogging world and someone us bloggers look up to.


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5. Angela Simmons

Angela has created her own brand and individualized herself as a woman. She inspires me to stay rooted in my belief in God and also be exactly who I want to be and how I want to be. Plus it’s pretty cool to have an app, I want an app too!

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Happy 2 Year Blogiversary SimplyPamarie!

I had to turn on King Bey, aka Beyonce to start this celebration! Today I’m celebrating my 2 year Blogiversary! What is a blogiversary you ask? According to Urban Dictionary, it’s the yearly anniversary of someones web-log (blog.) So yes, has been providing you all the food, travel and entertainment knowledge you want to know for the past 2 years! This celebration is dear to me for so many reasons that were never shared before. I think right now is the perfect time to share them.

SimplyPamarie 2 Years-1 copy was started at a time when I was completely unhappy with my job. I was having one of those “woe is me” moments and my sister came to my room and completely went off on me. She said Pam “why are you sitting around feeling sorry for yourself? You have talent, you have drive, start that blog you’ve been talking about. Start it now!” So I wiped all my tears away and began formulating ideas for my blog. Thank you sister for being my muse and motivation.

SimplyPamarie 2 Years- 8

Now here we are 2 years later celebrating something that probably saved my life. It gave me a new outlook on life and honestly the motivation to fight some of the hardest battles ever. Very few people also know that I was recently unemployed for 10 months, after being laid off from a job. I know you’re thinking this girl been traveling, eating everywhere, and living luxuriously. Don’t let the Instagram pictures fool you, life was REAL. Really really real! Fortunately, I had great friends and family who supported and encouraged me. Moreso, was the light in my darkest days. Blogging and sharing my passions with my readers, and receiving comments and questions put a smile on my face when I really didn’t want to smile.

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But enough about that. I really want to thank my readers, my family and my friends for participating in I’ve experienced some amazing restaurants, built great connections, met some really cool fellow bloggers through @blackgirlswhoblog and also traveled places that people dream of. I thank you for experiencing all of that with me. I’m looking forward to bringing you more beneficial content. Remember that this blog is most importantly here to teach you how to “Live Life Simply.” It is here to give you all the details you need and also show you how to save money as well. (Groupon, LivingSocial, HotelTonight Uber and Restaurant Week are your friends.)

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Okay so in honor of today’s celebrating, I’m hosting another contest! This one is easy, so don’t worry. All you have to do is comment on this post about ANYTHING pertaining to my blog. For example, it can be a question for me, a comment about an experience you had from something I suggested on my blog, a suggestion on improving my blog or a restaurant you think I should try. All comments are welcome. I will select a winner on March 3. The winner will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card and a full one day of events planned by me.

Happy 2 Year Blogiversary SimplyPamarie!

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Happy Holiday #SimplyBey Giveaway!

The Holidays are here and I decided to show my love and appreciation to all of my followers with a Happy Holiday #SimplyBey Giveaway! I am giving away a Beyonce Platinum Edition CD! Yes girls love Beyonce so it makes the perfect gift. Here’s how you win:

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Thank you everyone who participated in my giveaway. I surprised my participants and chose three winners. The winners have been announced via instagram at @simplypamarie

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