Event Planner

Let Me Plan An Event For You!

Visiting New York? Looking for birthday ideas? Need holiday plans? Well lucky for you, I am looking to take all of that pressure and stress off your hands.  I would love to plan it all for you. Contact me via email at simplypamarie@gmail.com. Tell me what kind of event you would like me to plan. We’ll discuss who it is for, what your interests are and when you would like to plan it. This invitation is extended to everyone. My planning services include:

  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Party Planning
  • Travel and Vacation (Flight, Car Service, Hotels)
  • Sightseeing Arrangements
  • Concerts, Shows, Sports and Live Events
  • Holiday, Anniversary and Birthday Plans
  • Spas and Outdoor Recreation
  • Date Night Planning

Sign up for the Hotel Tonight App and use my code: PGIBBS11 for $25 off your first booking!

Sign up for the Uber and use my code: 5EMKV for 1 FREE ride up to a value of $20.


Sharae's Party 3

Sharae's Party 2

Sharae's Party 1


 Money Shot 1

4 thoughts on “Event Planner

  1. I dont know if my first email went through …but can you set up an itinerary for me & my ladies for the weekend of the fourth….fun, free,sexy,grown,25th bdaystuff…maybe some tree hugging events,vegetarian restaurants, all of that..thanks girl

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